How To Measure The Rake Of A Roof 

Posted on December 27, 2023

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How to measure the rake of a roof

Several parts make up your roofing system, and they are known as roofing components. For example, if your home has gables, you’ll notice how the edge of the legible end extends from the eaves of the roof to the ridge. This is called the rake of the roof and it’s crucial to the home’s structure. 

Learning how to measure this part of the roof is helpful for both homeowners and professionals. Today, we will talk you through measuring this important part of your roof in simple terms, and cover the different ways in which you can measure it.  

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What Is A Roof Rake?

Roof Rake

Before starting, you should know that there is a difference between a roof rake and the rake of a roof. Mostly, homeowners are familiar only with the former. A roof rake (the tool) is an essential tool designed specifically to remove the buildup of snow or debris from roofs. It typically comprises a long pole attached to a wide, flat blade or rake head. However, this is very different from what we’ll be covering today.

The rake of the roof refers to the area on the gable ends of a home that extends from the eaves to the ridge. The rake angle may vary depending on the architectural design and style of the roof.

Why Bother Measuring The Eaves And Rake Of The Roof?

A roof rake is just a part of your roofing system, so why take time to measure it? If you are also wondering about this, here are several key reasons why you should:

Accurate Material Estimates: For roofing projects, precise measurements are crucial for estimating the right amount of materials needed.

Budgeting: Understanding dimensions aids in making informed budgetary decisions.

Design Viability: Measurements determine the ability to create specific designs.

Methods For Measuring The Rake Of A Roof:

Are you trying to figure out how to measure the rake on your roof? Though the process is not as complex as it sounds, you’ll need a few tools on hand and some of these tips. These can be as simple as a tape measure, or even as advanced as a laser level.

Let’s go through how to measure with both options.

Measuring With A Tape Measure:

When measuring a roof rake with a tape measure, safety should be your number one priority! It’s helpful to have someone else on hand to act as a spotter or simply help with the process and reduce the chance of injury. 

  • Securely position a ladder against your house.
  • Extend your measuring tape diagonally across the surface of your roof from the eaves until you reach the ridge.
  • Note down the measurement and consider it representative of the run of your roof rake.

While this method is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any high-tech equipment, bear in mind climbing roofs isn’t risk-free. Always keep safety precautions front of mind!

Measuring With A Laser Level:

Alternatively, another effective tool that may simplify your task significantly is a laser level. However, you should know that this tool may have some limitations too. 

The steps involved include: 

  • Set up the laser level on an adjustable tripod, ensuring it faces upward against the underside of your roofline
  • Measure the horizontal distance (run) between the eaves and the top of your roof using the digital display indicated on most laser levels,
  • Write down the measurements.

Taking measurements using a laser level helps you avoid physical risks associated with measuring tapes and ladders. It also provides an equally accurate result while keeping you safe on solid ground.

Overall, both methods provide good results when determining the measurement of your roof rake. Choose the best method for you based on personal comfort and available resources, and always remember to practice overall caution regardless of your choice.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Measuring The Rake Of A Roof:

While understanding what the rake of a roof is and knowing how to measure it is key, preventing common errors from occurring is equally important. Even experts sometimes make simple mistakes that may lead to inaccurate roofing assessments. Here’s a look at the most frequent errors you should take care to avoid.

Neglecting Measurement Of The Slope:

We cannot stress enough the importance that the roof slope plays when you measure the rake of a roof. The rake isn’t just about dimensions measured on flat ground; it’s all about angles in relation to the slope.

Inadequate Tool Utilization:

Using inadequate or incorrect tools for measurement could skew your results. For instance, using an ordinary tape measure without considering incline measures might not give you accurate results

Ignoring Obstructions:

Roof features like chimneys and dormer windows that protrude from the surface can affect your measurements. So, if your roof has a chimney or a complex structure, make sure that you do not ignore them when taking measurements. It’s essential to factor them into your final assessment.

Should I Hire A Professional Roofer To Measure The Rake

As you can see, there can be certain issues if you decide to measure the eaves and rakes of the roof yourself. If you want to avoid these risks it is better to hire a professional roofing contractor in Claremore.  

They have the expertise and tools needed for accurate measurements. By hiring a professional, you ensure precise measurements and avoid potential errors. This will ultimately result in a more successful and efficient roofing project.  

Trust The Best Residential Roofer In Claremore, OK! 

If you feel that measuring the roof rake isn’t a job you want to do yourself, and you’re searching for the right roofer, then look no further than Capital Roofing. We are the best residential roofing company serving Claremore and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma. Our team has years of experience in the accurate measurement and installation of residential and commercial roofs. 

Our roofers have decades of experience and offer free estimates in which the measurements of your roof rake, and ridge are included. If you need any repairs or replacements made, we can advise you of the cost without any expectations.

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How to measure the rake of a roof
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