Choosing the Right Roof Ridge Vent for Your Home: A Complete Guide

Posted on December 18, 2023

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If you have an open ridge, which we discussed in our previous blog post about the role of roof ridges, you should install a ridge vent. But before installing a ridge vent on a roof, it’s important to explore the wide range of options available on the market. This research will help you make an informed decision and save you from installing one that isn’t compatible with your roofing system. In this blog post, we will go over different types of ridge vents and top choices to consider. Read the blog post until the end so that you don’t miss any of the options. 

Types of Roof Ridge Vents

The first step to finding the best roof ridge vent for your home is determining which type works well with your roofing system.

1. Static Ridge Vents:

Static ridge vents are popular for their simplicity and cost effectiveness. These vents rely on natural convection, allowing hot air to escape while cooler air is drawn in at the eaves. Available in various materials, including aluminum, static ridge vents are easy to install and provide reliable ventilation for shingle roofs.


  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Natural convection for efficient ventilation
  • Available in durable material options 

2. Shingle-Over Ridge Vents:

As the name suggests, shingle-over ridge vents are designed to integrate seamlessly with shingle patterns. Featuring a low profile design beneath the shingles, they provide discreet ventilation. Apart from their practical design, this option caters to homeowners who prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring effective heat and moisture control without compromising the roof’s appearance.


  • Low profile design for discreet appearance
  • Integrated ventilation without disrupting the shingle pattern
  • Effectively manages heat and condensation

3. Rolled Ridge Vents:

Rolled ridge vents, in the form of continuous rolls of vent material along the ridge line, offer versatility for various shingle roof designs. This option ensures continuous and effective ventilation, promoting optimal airflow in the attic space. Rolled ridge vents can be made of various materials to contribute to the home’s aesthetics and functionality. 


  • Versatile and suitable for different shingle roof designs
  • Continuous venting for efficient airflow
  • Easy installation with a roll-out design

Top Roof Ridge Vents From Leading Manufacturers

It’s important to choose a ridge vent that meets your ventilation requirements and aesthetic preferences. 

1. Roof Ridge Vents by Metal-Era®

a) Hi-Perf Ridge Vent 

Hi-Perf Ridge Vent 
Source :

Metal-Era offers innovative roof ridge vents designed to enhance attic ventilation. The Hi-Perf Ridge Vent, Slope to Slope Shingled Version, is crafted with precision to ensure optimal airflow. This ridge vent is specifically tailored for shingled roofs, providing a seamless integration that complements the overall aesthetics of your home. 

Built to withstand winds up to 130 mph, the ridge vent comes with a wind warranty for your peace of mind. The product is available in varying sizes to accommodate different roof configurations.

b) Eco-Perf Ridge Vent 

Eco-Perf Ridge Vent
Source :

Another noteworthy offering from Metal-Era is the Eco-Perf Ridge Vent, a sustainable solution for environmentally conscious homeowners. This ridge vent not only improves attic ventilation but also underscores Metal-Era’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. Along with the durability and weather resistance, the Eco-Perf Ridge Vent comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty, covering replacement or repair of defective products. 

Moreover, the wide range of color options, including Dark Bronze, Medium Bronze, and Slate Gray, makes this vent diverse and versatile. Constructed with high-quality materials, the Eco-Perf Ridge Vent is available in sizes suitable for diverse roofing needs.

2. Roof Ridge Vents by Atlas

a) TruRidge® All-Weather Exhaust Vent 

TruRidge® All-Weather Exhaust Vent
Source :

Atlas presents a range of high performance roof ridge vents, including the TruRidge All-Weather Exhaust Vent. Engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, this ridge vent is available in different sizes, ensuring compatibility with various roof structures. Also, the ridge vent is available with a filter to prevent wind, rain, snow, debris, insect, and pest infiltration. 

b) HighPoint® Invisaridge Exhaust Vent

HighPoint® Invisaridge Exhaust Vent
Source :

For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing option, Atlas introduces the HighPoint Invisaridge Exhaust Vent. This discreet ridge vent seamlessly integrates into the roofline, maintaining the visual appeal of your home. It is available in multiple sizes to suit different roofing configurations, and its innovative design ensures efficient ventilation. 

The HighPoint Invisaridge Exhaust Vent has a unique design with no exterior baffles, making it virtually undetectable from the ground. Moreover, it has 896 internal louvers for uninterrupted airflow. 

3. Roof Ridge Vents by GAF

a) Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™ 

Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™ 
Source :

GAF offers a selection of top-tier roof ridge vents, including the Cobra Rigid Vent 3. This rigid ridge vent is designed for superior attic ventilation, featuring a durable construction that can withstand various weather conditions. Also, the product is eligible for a lifetime limited warranty when installed on GAF Lifetime Shingle roofs. Available in different sizes, the Cobra Rigid Vent 3 ensures consistent and efficient airflow for a cooler and drier attic space.

b) Master Flow® Aluminum Ridge Vent ‑ AR10

Source :

For those who prefer an aluminum option, GAF presents the Master Flow Aluminum Ridge Vent – AR10. Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, this ridge vent is available in various sizes for easy integration into different roof structures. 

This ridge vent is constructed with built in baffles, which allow heat to escape while resisting weather infiltration. Moreover, the Master Flow Aluminum Ridge Vent – AR10 comes in small sections with pre-punched nail holes for easy installation. Its lightweight design facilitates straightforward installation while providing efficient attic ventilation. 

c) Cobra® Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge

Source :

GAF also offers the Cobra Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge, a user-friendly ridge vent designed for easy installation and optimal airflow. The roof ridge vent helps heat and moisture escape the attic, reducing the risk of ice dam formation. The shingle-over design helps maintain a clean look for your roof, and it is eligible for a Limited Lifetime Warranty when installed on Lifetime shingle roofs. 

Available in different sizes, this ridge vent contributes to a healthier and more energy-efficient home, showcasing GAF’s commitment to practical and effective ventilation solutions.

4. Roof Ridge Vents by Owens Corning

a) VentSure® Rigid Roll Ridge Vents

Source :

Owens Corning’s VentSure line includes their Rigid Roll Ridge Vents, a superior solution for effective attic ventilation. Available in a few sizes, this ridge vent ensures uniform ventilation along the entire ridge, preventing heat and moisture buildup. 

The Rigid Roll Ridge Vents have a low profile and durable corrugated plastic construction, and their unique design can adjust to almost any roof pitch. Tested to surpass all national building codes, this vent protects your home from both wind-driven rain and snow. 

b) VentSure® RidgeCat® Rolled Ridge Vent

Owens Corning also offers the Ridgecat Rolled Ridge Vent, which is a low profile attic vent that features a roll-style design for easy and efficient installation. This ridge vent provides consistent ventilation, contributing to a comfortable indoor environment and protecting the roof’s longevity. 

The product also features a filter that protects against dust and insect infiltration, ensuring the health of your home and your family. Available in convenient 20-foot rolls, the VentSure RidgeCat is a reliable and hassle-free solution for effective attic ventilation.

5. AtticDefense® Ridge Vent by Quarrix®

Source :

Quarrix introduces the AtticDefense Ridge Vent, a versatile and effective solution for attic ventilation. Made of non-wicking, non-woven polyester-fiber material, it ensures long term performance and maintenance-free airflow. This ridge vent is designed to optimize airflow, reducing energy costs and preventing issues associated with heat and moisture in the attic. 

Available in various sizes, AtticDefense is crafted with a focus on practicality and performance, delivering a solution that aligns with the needs and expectations of homeowners seeking efficient and cost effective ridge vents for their roofing systems.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right roof ridge vent for your shingle roof involves considering factors such as aesthetics, ventilation efficiency, and ease of installation. Whether you opt for ridge vent shingles, static vents, shingle-over vents, or rolled ridge vents, ensuring compatibility with your roof type is essential. 

Explore all the options and the manufacturers individually so that you can be sure before choosing a roof ridge vent. By making an informed choice, you can enhance the performance and longevity of your shingle roof while maintaining its visual appeal.

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