Homeowner’s Guide to Discontinued Roofing Shingles: What To Do Next? 

Posted on December 28, 2023

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discontinued roofing shingles

We live in a world where we love to adopt the latest trends, be it clothes, a new phone, or the latest car. More recently, roofing materials have also been included on the list. We’re often inclined to seek the most stylish, durable, and technologically advanced options for not only ourselves but for our homes, too. 

However, this pursuit of the newest and best can sometimes encounter a roadblock when you find that your roof shingles are discontinued unexpectedly.

When your shingles are no longer available, it can create uncertainty. Changes in manufacturing strategies, shifts in market demand, or even material sourcing issues can unexpectedly render your favored shingles obsolete. But, there’s no need to panic. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective strategies so you can easily navigate this situation and ensure your roof remains both functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. 

Asphalt Roof Shingles
Asphalt Roof Shingles

Understanding Discontinued Roof Shingles

The discontinuation of roof shingles, though it’s not very common, has happened in the roofing industry. Manufacturers make decisions to stop producing certain shingle lines due to various reasons, including:

Market Changes

Consumer preferences and trends significantly impact manufacturers’ decisions to discontinue specific shingle types. As the market evolves, certain styles or colors may lose popularity, prompting manufacturers to focus on more in-demand products.

Material Availability

Raw material availability plays a crucial role in shingle production. If there are fluctuations or limitations in obtaining essential materials, manufacturers might face challenges in sustaining the production of certain shingle lines. This scarcity can lead to discontinuation.

Product Upgrades

Manufacturers continually innovate to enhance product quality and performance. They often introduce upgraded versions or entirely replace existing shingle lines with newer, more advanced options. These upgrades may offer improved durability, energy efficiency, or aesthetic features, prompting the discontinuation of older shingle versions.

How Can Discontinued Roof Shingles Impact You? 

The discontinuation of familiar shingle lines can significantly affect homeowners in several ways:

Compatibility Issues

When shingles are discontinued, finding suitable replacements that seamlessly match the existing roof’s style and color can be a considerable challenge. The uniqueness of discontinued shingles often makes it hard to find identical or closely resembling alternatives. This disparity can disrupt the uniformity and aesthetic appeal of the roof, as well as compromise its effectiveness. 

Limited Availability

As discontinued shingles gradually phase out, their availability decreases. Consequently, obtaining additional shingles for repairs or extensions becomes increasingly challenging. Homeowners who seek to maintain or repair their roofs using the same materials might encounter difficulties due to the scarcity of discontinued shingles. 

List of Discontinued Shingles 

Over the years, several roofing shingle lines have been discontinued. While some were not making a mark, there were others that were extremely popular back in the day. 

Here is a list of some of the discontinued shingles:  

GAF Camelot Shingles

The first shingle on our list, which you might be aware of, is the GAF Camelot shingle. These were the predecessor of the Camelot II shingles, which are available today and are quite popular.

The Camelot shingles had a classic, 3-tab design and were on the market for more than 20 years. But despite its original popularity among homeowners seeking an upscale and distinctive roofing option, the GAF Camelot shingles were discontinued in 2014 due to various reasons, including weaker composition, low sales, and reduced demand. 

CertainTeed Horizon Shingles 

The CertainTeed Horizon shingle was known for its dimensional appearance, resembling the look of architectural shingles at the affordable price of 3-tab shingles. Discontinued due to several issues with their composition, these shingles offered a sophisticated aesthetic and an organic base. This base, compared to the fiberglass shingles often seen today, was prone to premature deterioration and damage, which led to their discontinuation in 2005.  

Atlas Chalet 

The Atlas Chalet shingle was a popular architectural-style shingle known for its textured appearance and affordability. Homeowners appreciated its unique design, resembling the dimensional look of more expensive roofing materials. Like the CertainTeed Horizon shingles, these also came into the category of discontinued roof shingles because of durability issues. 

What’s The Way Forward? 

If your roof also has the shingles we have listed above or any other discontinued roofing shingles, then you might already be facing some problems. In this section, we will tell you about some steps you can take. 

Take Prompt Action

Upon learning about the discontinuation, you should promptly assess the remaining shingle availability and consider purchasing extra stock if feasible. This stockpile can aid in future repairs or extensions to your existing roof.

Explore Alternatives Early

Begin exploring alternative options as soon as you can. Contact roofing contractors in Claremore or manufacturers to identify compatible replacements or similar styles from the same brand or others available on the market.

You can also check out our blog post on the best roof shingles to get insights on what your next shingles should be. 

Consider Future Roofing Maintenance

If you want to opt for a different shingle type, consider its long-term availability and the potential need for future repairs. Choose materials with a consistent supply chain to avoid future complications. 

Best Shingle Roof Installers In Claremore! 

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discontinued roofing shingles
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