12 Things To Know About Skylights In 2023

Posted on August 24, 2022

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12 Things To Know About Skylights In 2023

When it comes to your home, you would want to get everything that makes it safe, long-lasting, and appealing. Skylight installation can be an excellent upgrade for practically every home! They look luxurious, bring comfort, and increase your home’s value. So, if you are replacing your roof or remodeling your home, skylights can be incredibly valuable.

But often, homeowners get confused about getting a skylight and other roof components. This can be primarily due to a lack of credible information or some other factors.

So to help, we’ve put together every fact and explained how a skylight could be helpful for homeowners and their families. After reading this article, you will feel more confident about your research, which will help you make the right decision for your home.

Are Skylights Installation Worthwhile?

When homeowners consult with us for roof repairs, installation, or upgrades, they also consistently mention skylight. We get questions such as: ‘Do we really need a skylight? Are there any budget-friendly options?’ At Capital Roofing, we always answer their questions by recommending the right solutions, and that’s why they depend on our expertise.

So, coming straight from the experts, here are the top seven reasons to consider them:

#1 Good For Health

Day or night, you may prefer some amount of light in your home. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to install windows anywhere you want and keep them open whenever you want. This is primarily due to privacy issues and fewer placement options on the walls. You may solve the lighting problem by getting bulbs and lamps, but you wouldn’t be getting any natural air and light in that area. However, it is a fact that natural light is immensely good for health, and that’s where skylights come in.

  • It brings in natural light and fresh air. When you sit in a room with skylights wide open, it will enhance your mood and help reduce tension.
  • Proper skylight installation and placement allow indirect sunlight and low lighting levels at night, which is also beneficial for health. It also helps in reducing fatigue and untimely hunger.
  • UV reflective products can get your daily dose of vitamin D. It helps decrease strain on your eyes, which is very comforting for people with glasses.

Letting in clean, natural air is healthy for your lungs, heart, skin, and hair. With skylights, you can control how much air, moisture, sunlight, and moonlight you want. This helps prevent mold and algae in your attic, walls, and roof. Mold is a dangerous fungus that can cause breathing issues and increase cancer risk after prolonged exposure. Poor indoor quality is also responsible for constant skin and hair problems.

#2 Enhances Comfort For People In Your Home

Skylights enable more efficient air circulation throughout your home. When you want more privacy, just keep it open, and windows closed. Proper ventilation maintains low humidity levels and enables you to control the indoor temperature more effectively. Without depending entirely on your heating and cooling devices, you can create a comfortable atmosphere with enough skylights in place. In addition, it can often create an illusion of space. With clouds and stars right above you, it will make your room feel bigger. Homeowners who want to make their rooms and halls feel bigger prefer skylight installation.

#3 Helps You Save Money In The Long Run

Skylights are a fantastic way to reduce energy consumption in your home, especially during the daytime. You wouldn’t need to switch on the extra lights around the house. It can also facilitate good ventilation in the attic and halls, which will help your air-cooling unit to utilize less energy. You can eventually save lots of money by installing skylights on your roof.

#4 It’s An Eco-Friendly Choice

You will undoubtedly favor skylights if you are passionate about environmental safety and a healthy lifestyle. You can choose from a range of solar-powered skylights for boosted comfort and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Energy-saving homes have significantly lower carbon footprints than most homes in the US.

#5 Adds More Value To Your Home

It offers an elegant look and feels to your home. They come in different styles and shapes, and you can choose them based on your requirements and budget. Appealing, comfortable, and energy-efficient homes attract more buyers and tenants. Additionally, you get a lot of space in your rooms to hang decorations and add more furnishing. People with an inclination towards comfort, curb appeal, and modern living, desire homes with skylights, and they might be ready to pay for the multiple benefits that come with it.

#6 Easier To Operate 

Skylights have been here since the 17th century in Roman architecture as roof windows and circular openings in dome-style buildings. They became popular in US homes in the early 20th century. But the problem was the same- they were high and out of reach. People were operating them via laches and ladders. On top of that, whenever they got foggy, cleaning them was a tedious and unsafe task.

But today’s skylights are customizable and easily accessible. You can open and close them with the touch of a button. They have rain sensors to automatically close when it showers. Roofing professionals who install skylights can take you through beautiful options for skylight glazing, technology, shape, and size. You can choose from accessories like blinds and filters for your skylights for tints, soft lighting, and blackouts.

All of this sounds great, but we understand that you may have more concerns critical to skylight installation. Many homeowners ask: ‘Who installs skylights, and how much does it cost?; Is it difficult to maintain them?; How long will they last?’ So we are here with the answers to all these questions and everything else you must know before installing skylights in your home.

What To Keep In Mind While Getting New Skylights?

They don’t demand much, but you must understand every aspect of skylight installation to make an educated decision. You can easily discuss your needs and wants with the skylight installers.


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#1 Who Installs Skylights?

Roofing professionals install skylights in homes and commercial buildings. Whenever you remodel your home or install a new roof component, you must check whether your roof can handle the nails and hammers again. Call a local roofing contractor to assess the condition of your current roof and provide suitable solutions.

Skylight installation is not an easy project. If you are installing one on your old roof, a contractor will have to cut the entire section of your roof and ceiling. They will also remove attic insulation; if you need a skylight in your room, they will also have to break and rebuild a section of the ceiling. So the best time to install skylights is when you are replacing your entire roof or building a new home.

#2 What Is The Average Skylight Installation Cost?

At first glance, skylight installations may seem expensive, but they come in a wide variety of affordable and luxurious options. The average cost to install skylights in the US ranges from $1,750 to $2,500. Regardless of its price, a single skylight can increase the value of your home by a thousand dollars and help you save a lot of money on energy bills.

#3 Select From A Wide Range Of Skylights

Popular skylight manufacturers like VELUX and FAKRO offer the most sturdy, competitive, and advanced range of skylights in the US. Here are the different types of skylights suitable for sloped roofs.

 Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylights are popular in homes with an area of more than 1500 square feet and good ventilation units. They don’t open and are very convenient for finished attics and hallways. Moreover, they are affordable and easier to maintain. Fixed skylights are a great way to lighten up a room, make it feel bigger, enjoy the starry night, and add an attractive tint to your home’s interiors.

 Ventilated Skylights

Ventilated skylights allow fresh air and extra light in your rooms. They fit best in the living rooms, bedrooms, and other large rooms. You can also install them in your restrooms and the kitchen, which are the most humid areas of a home. As you open them, these skylights will balance the humidity levels, making you feel more comfortable while maintaining your privacy.

 Tubular Skylights

Tubular or circular skylights catch the sunlight and magnify it via a flexible tube and glazing filter. They are the most cost-effective skylights, and it is relatively easy to install them. They don’t get too dirty, and they can come with solar technologies too.

 Curb-Mounted Skylight

Curb-mounted skylights come with a box design to install over the curb. It looks like the lid of a shoebox. These skylights have a unique advantage- you can repair and replace them without re-flashing the box. This makes them cost the least of all the other skylight types. They are suitable for roofs with low pitches.

 Ridge Skylights

Ridge Skylights are huge and fit on the existing roofline/ridge. They are available in plenty of sizes and are suitable for all roofs. They are usually popular with homes and commercial buildings with large spaces. Ridge skylights are an excellent way to allow a substantial amount of daylight.

For your Oklahoma home, we always suggest impact-resistant skylights with fiberglass glazing for maximum protection from hailstones and thunderstorms. After all, Oklahoma lies in both hail and tornado alleys, and you don’t want your new skylights to break down after a few years.

#4 Skylights Can Last For Many Years!

When you choose a good roofing company for skylight installation, they will suggest sturdy and long-lasting products for your home. Quality skylights can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

#5 Skylights Are Easy To Maintain

Lastly, skylights are relatively easy to maintain compared to many other roof components. You just have to choose a reliable, local roofing company for skylight installation and call them once or twice a year for professional inspection and cleaning.

#6 Follow The Residential Building Codes

Each state has different residential and commercial building codes. They specify appropriate rules and regulations to ensure the safety and longevity of a building. That’s why you must choose a local roofing company that knows your town, knows the local building codes, and has years of experience in the area. That’s why we always advise homeowners to go through the Oklahoma building codes and confirm that their roofing contractor is licensed and a part of the local community. At Capital Roofing, we have experts who provide the best skylight installation services in Claremore, OK.

Considering Skylight Installation?

Capital Roofing is a local roofing company that has years of experience. We have been installing skylights for years, and our roofing experts can answer all your questions.

If you are installing new skylights in your home, we will help you find the best one within your budget. We know that there are thousands of options on the market, and choosing what works best for you can be overwhelming. Our team will take the time to talk with you about the pros and cons of each suitable option so that you can make the right, informed decision.

Capital Roofing is the most trustworthy roofing company in Claremore, OK. We have been delivering 100% satisfaction to all homeowners who need help with their roofs. We will help you with a free consultation and estimate on skylight installation, and it will be solely your decision to go with us or not. If you want to discuss your project with us, call our roofing experts at (918) 260-4075.

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