How To Use Fascia Board Panels To Save Money And Add Style

Posted on September 7, 2022

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How To Use Fascia Board Panels To Save Money And Add Style

If you want to upgrade your home and add a unique style, you can do it with appealing fascia boards while saving lots of money. Due to their aesthetic and economic value, more and more people are now using designer fascia boards on their homes.

However, most homeowners don’t know two things about fascia boards:

  • Fascia boards come in plenty of patterns other than white and plain patterns.
  • Choosing the right fascia board material and style can help save money in the long run.

This blog explains the above two benefits of fascia panels, so you can finally get the desired look for your home and invest smartly. Let’s begin by understanding the role of fascia.

What Is Fascia Board?

Fascia boards or panels are long boards fastened to the eaves of your roof, facing the front. You’ll find fascia boards where the gutter meets the roofline and also at the gable. The primary function of the panels is to enclose the trusses or rafters of the roof, covering the gap between them. Additionally, fascia gives a clean, stylish finish to a home. They are usually made of aluminum, vinyl, or wood.

If you want to understand how fascia boards can save you money, you must know about the significant benefits of these panels that make it possible.

Fascia board

How Fascia Works To Save Money

As an economical home improvement project, choosing stylish fascia panels is a beneficial decision. Fascia boards are an excellent addition to protect your home from damage and save thousands of dollars on cleaning and repairs. Here are 5 ways how fascia boards make it happen:

1. Prevent Insects, Fungi, And Mold.

Fascia packs the roof rafters and trusses completely, deterring insects, moisture, and other elements from damaging the wooden beams and other parts of the roof and attic. If this part of the roof decking is exposed, it can be compromised in no time. Moisture damage leads to rot, mold, and algae which eats the roof until the parts break down one day. With sturdy fascia, you can protect the roof structure and avoid expensive repairs.

2. Protect Gutters And Soffit Vents And Aids In Their Proper Functioning

The gutters system of your roof has the important function of collecting water and directing it to the downspouts for proper drainage. Fascia boards offer support to the gutters, so they don’t hang down or come off the roofline due to heavy rain, hail, or snow– needing urgent repairs.

Fascia also protects soffit vents beneath them by directing rainwater into the gutters. Soffit vents are perforated panels to maintain the attic’s airflow and temperature. If water slips inside soffits due to damaged or absent fascia, you will soon notice roof leaks, mold, and algae.

3. Provide Support To The Roof’s Edge

Fascia is a direct point of contact for the roofline and exterior walls. The edge of the roof and the starter shingles get support from the fascia. Otherwise, the roof can soon start sagging down and suffer significant wind damage to the roof, tearing the shingles or causing them to come off.

4. Aids Insulation

If you fill insulation behind the fascia, it will prevent heat loss from your home during winter and ensure safety against fires that may start due to short circuits in the wiring or other electrical issues.

5. Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Stylish exteriors and fascia boards increase the curb appeal of your home significantly. Studies show: If your home has appealing exteriors, its value goes up to 7%. You can sell it at a price much higher than other homes of the same size having dim exteriors.

6. Accommodate Ducts And Wires

Another important use of fascia boards is that you can utilize and hide ducts and cables behind the panels. You can ask your roofing contractor to do the fittings while installing fascia boards or other equipment. Without fascia, you will have to spend extra on fixing such extensions and connections.

Isn’t it impressive how an exterior trim can do so much more than look great? You must know that the resilience and durability of fascia boards depend on material and design. Earlier, most homeowners relied on wood for the look and feel. Since it’s prone to rot, fungus, and algae, it requires regular maintenance.

Today, we are lucky to see modern developments in the home improvement industry. You can choose interesting patterns and sturdy materials for fascia boards to create an appealing look for your home that stands out.

Let’s take a look at some common fascia materials and catchy design ideas.

Add Style With Fascia Board Panels

Fascia boards come in wood, metal, and PVC panels. The natural appeal of wood is never old, and modern paints can easily protect it from rot and pests. Alternatively, you can pick vinyl (PVC) boards that can mimic other materials, including wood finishes. You can take inspiration from the design ideas we have shared below:

Black Fascia and Soffit

This is an edgy style that will add some diversity to your home’s exterior. It can also help you create separation between the first and second floors. If you have white siding, a black fascia and dark roof pattern will create a grand look and striking contrast, making your home more visible among others.

Bring Elegance With Copper Trim

If you’re looking for something luxurious, copper is a time-tested luxury. It may be more expensive than other fascia materials, but it will also add a unique flair to your home’s exterior and maximize its value. Copper is one of the most durable and sturdy metals which doesn’t corrode. If you have a 1200 square foot home, copper trim and beige siding can make it look bigger and luxurious.

Carved PVC Panels

Vinyl is a highly versatile material that can be shaped and carved into incredible designs. If you want to create a historic look, you can ask your roofing contractor to show you some beautifully carved vinyl fascia boards. Since it’s a lightweight material, a professional can install it perfectly and quickly. You can create unique designs with vinyl, and it won’t even cost much.

Create Contrast With Aluminum Fascia

The silvery-white color of aluminum boards is incredibly appealing. If you have dark siding, you can match it with aluminum fascia and soffits. Aluminum is extremely long-lasting and can withstand harsh weather conditions without being damaged. You don’t have to paint it, and the fascia will keep looking new after it is cleaned.

You can note down every pattern that comes to your mind and discuss it with your local roofing contractor. Most homeowners are already enjoying the lure of fascia trim, and we hope our suggestions also inspire you. If you need more help realizing your vision, our experts at Capital Roofing can assist you.

Need Help Creating Fascia Trim?

You can benefit from our experience, knowledge, and expertise when it comes to fascia boards. We provide complete roofing and exterior services in Claremore, Pryor, and surrounding towns in Oklahoma. Our experts know what works in the area and how it can help you as our client. We can make it easy for you to choose the right fascia board for your home and install it perfectly.

If you want more information on fascia boards, contact us at (918) 260-4075 for a free consultation. We offer fair prices and aim for excellent customer service, so you can expect the best results when you choose us!

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