A 5-Step Checklist for Roof Inspections in Broken Arrow, OK

Posted on February 23, 2024

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A roof inspection may seem a simple task, but it can be tedious and requires a strategic step-by-step process. Homeowners conducting roof inspections on their own must have a proper guide and an understanding of the process to prevent leaving any area uninspected or neglected. 

If you are a homeowner in Broken Arrow, OK, you can use this insider guide to inspect your roof. However, if you notice the signs of extensive damage, such as roof sagging, significant water leaks, and blow-away shingles, consider calling professional roofers instead. 

Now, let’s dive into the strategic process. 

A Detailed Roof Inspection Checklist 

Roof Inspection Checklist

If you are conducting the roof inspection yourself, we suggest taking safety precautions first. Use a sturdy ladder to climb the roof, use a proper harness, wear non-slip shoes, and have someone with you to help. Don’t rush climbing to the roof, as it can be extremely dangerous. 

1. Roof Structure Inspection 

The roof inspection starts with a thorough inspection of the structure that supports your roof. But before inspecting the roof structure, you must know its components. A roofing structure is composed of trusses or rafters and the roof deck. Roof trusses or rafters are supporting wooden beams that give your roof a shape and an architectural appearance. However, these components may experience damage due to the aging process and poor maintenance. They can rot and sag, and can be damaged by rodents and insects. Therefore, during the inspection, check your supporting beams and roof deck for any signs of:

  • Rot
  • Sagging
  • Pest infestations
  • Water leaks 

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2. A Thorough Inspection of the Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are the outer layer of your roof that you can see from the curb. They protect your home from the elements and give it its aesthetic appeal. But over time, due to the constant exposure to the sun and the weather, they can experience damage. 

Inspect your roof surface for:

  • Curling and cracked shingles 
  • Missing shingles
  • Dents from hail and snow damage
  • Improperly installed nails 
  • Water leaks
  • Granule loss 
  • Misaligned shingles
  • Loosely attached shingles 
  • Black stains and water ponding 
  • Mold and algae growth and vegetation 

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3. Detailed Inspection of the Flashing, Vents, Chimney, & Skylight

A roof isn’t just the alignment of shingles or metal panels joining together, it comprises a number of other elements and accessories that keep the system watertight. However, once any of these roofing components experience damage, the entire roof feels the effects. 

Flashings, vents, chimneys, and skylights are such components that protrude from the roof, also known as roof penetrations. During a roof inspection, it’s crucial to not leave them uninspected. 

a) Flashing – Flashing is an integral component of the roofing system and is installed around any roof penetration. It prevents water infiltration from the most critical areas of the roof: chimneys, valleys, and vents. During the roof inspection in Broken Arrow, OK, check for: 

  • Damaged material
  • Loose and dented flashing
  • Signs of water damage

b) Skylights – Skylights slightly protrude from the roof and bring fresh air and natural light inside the home. Although they are made of durable metal and sturdy glass, hail and wind can still damage them. 

Keep an eye out for: 

  • Dents on the frame 
  • Damaged flashing 
  • Missing caulk or sealants
  • Signs of leaks 

c) Vents – Your roof should have many vents installed. They may be ridge vents, gable vents, box vents, or wind turbine vents. Inspect your vents to see: 

  • If they are working properly
  • If the flashing around them is secure and in place
  • If there is physical damage, such as dents

d) Chimney – A chimney inspection is an important part of the roof inspection. Though a chimney inspection is itself a difficult process, you can visually inspect it to check for:

  • Missing bricks or mortar
  • Any vegetation growing on or around the chimney
  • Issues with the chimney cap like bird nests, damage, and hail dents
  • Loose or damaged flashing around the chimney 
  • Water stains or white stains on the chimney walls
  • Cracked or crumbling bricks 

4. Insulation and Attic Inspection 

Attic insulation combined with roof ventilation makes a significant impact on your roof’s health and home’s energy efficiency. Any damaged or wet insulation allows air to escape and can rot the underlying structure. Therefore, it is essential to keep your insulation intact and healthy. Inspect your attic for:

  • Wet and discolored insulation 
  • Insufficient, displaced, and loose insulation 
  • Mold growth
  • Moisture and condensation
  • Gaps between the material
  • Animal droppings or chewed insulation 

5. Gutters and Downspout Inspection

Gutters are long, narrow channels installed along your roof eaves that carry rainwater away from the roof and effectively into the drainage system. Additionally, gutters can either make or break the aesthetic appeal of your home. Therefore, it is important to keep them maintained and protected. 

During your roof inspection, check for:

  • Gutter sagging
  • Clogs
  • Gutters hanging detached from the roof eave 
  • Rust and corrosion 
  • Broken gutter components 
  • Peeling paint or sealants

Final Thoughts 

After you conduct the roof inspection, make a list of the damages you find and which areas you think are susceptible to future issues. This will help the professional roofers determine whether your roof needs a full replacement or minor repairs. 

Contact Professional Roofers For Your Roof Inspection In Broken Arrow, OK 

Though homeowners can inspect their roof, we don’t recommend it if your roof is aging and has experienced some damage. It is always better to leave this task to experts in this field. By opting for a professional roof inspection, you gain peace of mind knowing that every part of your roofing system has been meticulously checked for damage. 
If you are a homeowner in Broken Arrow, OK, contact the industry experts at Capital Roofing, the leading roofing company in the area. Give us a call today at (918) 260-4075 for a free roof inspection.

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