Types of GAF Warranties & What You Should Know

Posted on January 31, 2024

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Your roof is more than just a structure, it’s a commitment to safeguarding your home, ensuring its longevity, and a testament to the quality of life beneath it. The GAF roofing warranty is at the core of this promise. Whether you’re installing a new roof or replacing an existing one, understanding the intricacies of your roofing warranty is essential, akin to having insurance for invaluable peace of mind.

GAF provides a range of robust warranties tailored to meet diverse needs and budgets. In this guide, we’ll dissect the types of GAF roofing warranties out there and delve into what you need to know to get one of these warranties for your roof. 

The Significance of Roofing Warranties

Warranties, like those offered by GAF, serve as insurance policies against unexpected issues or defects in their products. When it comes to your roof, a crucial component of your home, it’s essential to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. While no homeowner wishes to encounter warranty-related issues, having the right warranty ensures you’re not caught off guard when things deviate from the plan.

This guide aims to simplify the process by summarizing key aspects of GAF roofing warranties. 

Overview: The Different GAF Warranties


Roof warranties go beyond legal jargon, filling gaps where standard insurance may fall short. GAF offers four main types of warranties:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: Covers manufacturing defects for residential properties, but with a limited duration
  • System Plus Limited Warranty: An upgraded version of the Lifetime Limited Warranty, offering broader coverage for potential issues
  • Silver Pledge Limited Warranty: Covers material and workmanship, providing non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years
  • Golden Pledge Limited Warranty: GAF’s top-tier option, offering comprehensive coverage for material and workmanship issues for 20 to 50 years

These warranties, catering to various price points and protection levels, ensure robust security tailored to individual needs. 

A Closer Look At GAF Warranties 

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of GAF warranties is crucial when selecting high-quality roofing materials. Let’s explore each warranty provided by GAF, offering an overview of the coverage and duration to help homeowners make informed decisions.

1. Lifetime Limited Warranty

This warranty covers manufacturing defects for the entire lifespan of your shingles. It guarantees a repair or replacement for any issues arising from manufacturing flaws. This guarantee offers homeowners protection against material defects for the entire lifespan of their shingles. It’s important, however, to note that the term “lifetime” translates to as long as you, the original owner(s), own your home. Despite being termed as “lifetime,” this warranty isn’t necessarily endless. Instead, there is what we call a “Smart Choice Protection Period” that plays a significant role within these terms. 

To qualify for this warranty, GAF shingles must be installed with three qualifying accessory products. 

  • Applicable on GAF shingles and three qualifying accessory products
  • Encompasses manufacturing defects in shingles, underlayment, ventilation products, and eligible accessories  
  • Provides a 10-year warranty on algae
  • A 15-year wind warranty without speed limitations

2. System Plus Limited Warranty

Going beyond basic protection, this warranty enhances the longevity and integrity of your overall roofing system.

  • An extended warranty with enhanced coverage for the GAF roofing system, the System Plus Warranty requires GAF shingles and at least three qualifying accessory products to be installed by a GAF Certified™ or Master Elite® roofing contractor
  • Provides a 50-year (non-prorated) Smart Choice Protection Period
  • Algae coverage for 10 to 25 years 
  • Wind coverage for 15 years 
  • Shingle tear-offs are covered if necessary

3. Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

A mid-tier warranty option covering material defects for 50 years and providing coverage for incorrect installation or poor workmanship for a solid decade, offering extended peace of mind.

  • Extended coverage for those choosing GAF shingles and at least four qualifying accessory products installed by a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor. 
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • A protection period of 50 years
  • Algae coverage for 10 years 
  • Wind warranty up to 15 years without limitations
  • Workmanship covered up to 10 years
  • Shingle tear-offs and disposal when needed. 

4. Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

The highest level of coverage from GAF, the Golden Pledge Warranty requires GAF shingles and at least five qualifying accessory products to be installed by a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor. 

  • A lifetime warranty
  • A protection period of 50 years
  • Algae coverage for 10 years 
  • Wind warranty up to 15 years
  • Covers shingle tear-offs and disposal when necessary
  • Workmanship is covered for up to 25 years

These options align with various budgets, property types, and weather conditions, empowering homeowners to make well-informed roofing investments. 

Whether you’re choosing the System Plus, Silver Pledge, or Golden Pledge warranty for your roofing system from GAF, each option provides a security blanket for homeowners. A dependable roof is indeed priceless; nevertheless, it’s comforting to know that a trusted roofing company supports its product with strong warranties.

What Is A Smart Choice Protection Period?

The Smart Choice Protection Period designated by GAF  is non-prorated, typically covering 10 years from the installation date. During this time, GAF provides full compensation for any manufacturing defects, including the labor costs for replacement.

After the initial 10 years, while still under warranty, claim compensation shifts to a prorated basis. Understanding the details of the GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty is crucial for making informed roofing decisions.

How to Choose the Right GAF Warranty

Roof warranties aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Considering various factors is crucial when choosing the right GAF warranty for your needs. Three significant areas require careful examination:

1. Type of Property

It’s important to recognize that not all roofing warranties cater to every type of property. For residential properties, the Lifetime Limited Warranty may suit your needs if you plan to stay indefinitely. Conversely, commercial property owners might lean towards warranties specifically designed for commercial use. Regardless of your situation, thorough research and seeking professional advice are essential before settling on a particular warranty.

2. Climate and Weather Conditions

The climate surrounding your structure significantly influences the nature and lifespan of your roofing shingles. In regions with severe weather conditions, consider robust warranty coverages like the Golden Pledge or Silver Pledge warranties, which include protection against wind damage up to 130 mph. Analyzing your region’s weather patterns, including humidity levels, rainfall frequency, and sunlight intensity over the years, will help you select a GAF warranty that effectively shields against these natural elements.

3. Budget Considerations

Equally important is considering what you can afford without compromising quality and protection. While high-end warranties like the Golden Pledge offer unparalleled benefits, its products typically come with a higher price tag. Therefore, striking a balance between comprehensive warranty coverage and staying within your financial constraints is crucial. Keep in mind that a well-thought-out decision ensures that future repairs or replacements won’t strain your budget.

With these factors in mind, navigating through GAF’s warranty options becomes a more manageable task as you aim for a custom match rather than a generic fit. You’ll appreciate your decision when your roof remains undamaged after a severe storm and your peace of mind remains intact.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, GAF’s roofing warranties offer a spectrum of options to cater to diverse needs, and understanding their nuances empowers homeowners to make informed decisions. 

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