Fascia Gutters vs. Traditional Gutters: Which Is Better?

Posted on October 23, 2023

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Fascia Gutters vs. Traditional Gutters: Which Is Better?

Gutters are an important part of your roofing system. In areas such as Oklahoma, where it rains quite frequently, gutter systems become even more important.  They not only keep the water away from your roof, but they also help keep the foundation of your home safe. 

Just like other roofing and siding materials, gutters have also gone through some developments in recent years. There are now several types of gutters available, and each of them can help you differently.  Today, we will talk about two such broad gutter categories: Fascia gutters vs. traditional gutters. We will delve into the specifics of these gutters and how they can help improve your property.  

What Is A Fascia Board? 

In order to understand these gutter systems and what makes them different, you should know about another crucial part of a roof: the fascia board.  

A fascia board is a horizontal board that runs along the edge of a roof, typically where the roof meets the outer walls of a house. It is mounted on the exposed ends of the roof rafters or the trusses. 

One of the main functions of a fascia board is to provide support for the gutter systems. Gutters are usually attached to the fascia board, allowing them to collect rainwater and channel it away from the roof and the foundation of the house.

What Are Traditional Gutters? 

Traditional gutters are the type of gutter system that has been in use for quite some time. These are also known as sectional gutters and are the most common type of gutters used for residential properties. They are made up of multiple sections or pieces that are connected and installed along the edge of the roof. These gutters are available in various materials, with aluminum, steel, and vinyl being the most common choices.

Traditional gutters are usually more budget-friendly, especially when it comes to their initial cost, making them accessible for many homeowners.

In regions with moderate weather conditions and less exposure to extreme heat, cold, or heavy rainfall, traditional gutters can provide sufficient drainage.

Types Of Traditional Gutters

Traditional gutters, also known as sectional gutters, come in several types, each with its unique characteristics. Here are the common types of traditional gutters:

K-Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are popular and resemble the letter K when viewed from the side. They have a flat bottom and a decorative front side that mimics crown molding. K-style gutters can also hold more water compared to round gutters, making them effective for areas with heavy rainfall.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters have a semi-circular shape when viewed from the side. They are often chosen for their vintage or decorative appeal and are commonly found on historic or older homes. Half-round gutters are available in various sizes and materials. They are more expensive than K-style gutters. 

Although their appeal has somewhat diminished over the years, you can still find them on many Oklahoma homes. 

What Are Fascia Gutters?

Fascia Gutters

In the ever-evolving world of gutter systems, advancements have led to a variety of innovative designs. One such standout is the development of fascia gutters. Fascia gutters, often referred to as box gutters, are directly integrated with the fascia board of a house, covering the exposed rafter ends of the roof. What sets them apart from traditional sectional gutters is their custom-built design, seamlessly blending in with the roofline and providing your home with a sophisticated, modern appearance.

While traditional gutters are made by joining several parts of the gutter material, fascia gutters are custom made for a home out of a single piece of material.

The Comparison  

In the sections above, we gave you an overview of both fascia-style gutters and traditional gutter options. Now, let’s compare fascia gutters and traditional gutters to help you gain valuable insights into choosing the most suitable option for your home’s drainage needs. 

Installation and Integration

Fascia Gutters:

Integrated directly into the fascia board, fascia gutters are built to seamlessly blend in with the roofline. Since these fascia gutters are custom-made, they will require the help of a professional roofing contractor. 

This is because their installation involves precise measurements and professional craftsmanship.

Traditional Gutters:

Traditional gutters come in sections and require careful alignment and connection during installation. They are typically attached to the fascia board that is already installed, and may not offer the same seamless integration as fascia gutters.


Fascia Gutters: 

The fascia gutters provide a sleek, modern, and unobtrusive appearance, thanks to their one-piece nature, which does not have to be joined. They enhance the overall curb appeal of contemporary homes with their seamless design and clean lines.

Traditional Gutters: 

Traditional gutters can vary in aesthetics based on their style and the material that they’re made out of. While they offer customization options, achieving a seamless look here is not possible. 


Cost is one of the crucial concerns that a homeowner is likely to consider, whether it’s replacing your gutters or any other home exterior project.  

Facia Gutters: 

When we talk about fascia gutters, these are more expensive than traditional gutters due to the following reasons. 

  • High quality metal is used to make fascia gutters
  •  Professional labor is required to install them 
  • These are made according to the custom specifications of your house and roof. 

Fascia gutters, while more expensive, represent a premium choice for homeowners seeking top-notch aesthetics and long-term durability. The customized design and seamless integration add to their allure, making them an investment in both functionality and elegance.

Traditional Gutters: 

Price is one of the few things that traditional gutters have in their favor. These gutter systems are the affordable, go-to option for homeowners who have budget constraints. Their versatility in material and style also ensures accessibility for a wide range of homeowners.

Water Handling Capacity 

Fascia Gutters:

Fascia gutters are designed to handle substantial amounts of water without overflowing. Their precise measurements ensure optimal drainage, making them highly effective during heavy rainfall. Moreover, due to their seamless construction and lack of gaps, fascia gutters have a reduced risk of breakages,

Traditional Gutters: Traditional gutters, while functional, come in standard sizes and may struggle with larger water volumes. Proper sizing and regular maintenance is crucial to prevent overflow and ensure smooth water flow.

Which Gutter Should You Install On Your Home? 

In conclusion, the choice between fascia gutters and traditional gutters depends on your preferences, budget, and the architectural style of your home. 

In my opinion, fascia gutters are worth it. 

Fascia gutters offer a contemporary, seamless appearance that is ideal for modern homes. 

Traditional gutters, with their variety of styles and materials, provide a more budget-friendly option. Their cost may tempt you to choose them for your home, but remember that they may require regular maintenance, and you will also need to compromise on the seamless look.

For the best results, evaluate your specific needs and consult with roofing professionals in Claremore to make an informed decision that aligns with your home’s requirements.

Your Trusted Team Of Gutter Installers In Claremore, OK 

When it comes to considering both traditional and fascia gutters as viable choices, it’s essential to hire reliable installers for the best results.

If you are looking for a reputable roofing company that can take care of your roof then look no further than the team at Capital Roofing.  

We have years of experience in the roofing industry and have been offering quality roofing, siding, and gutter installation services in Claremore and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma, including the installation of high quality fascia gutters. Contact us today at (918) 260-4075 and we will be happy to help you. 

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